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You have signed up for our $39 monthly membership subscription.

Here's a breakdown of how your subscription works.

● You will be billed $39 once a month on the same date that you signed up for the subscription. With that payment, you get your 1 monthly session.

● If you come in more than once a month (which almost everyone does)another session is just another $39, instead of the normal $69!

● We do ask for a3-month commitment,that’s the only way we can offer some of the lowest prices for Cryotherapy in North America.

● We do not cancel sessions, but paid sessions have a one-year expiry.Sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable.

● After 3 months, monthly payments will continue unless you choose to cancel your membership. If you would like to cancel your membership you can do so by sending an email to

● We do not charge an activation or cancellation fee, but we do ask that you honor this commitment.

● If you choose to cancel your membership, you will then have 7 days to use whatever remaining sessions are on your account.

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